Diagnostics is an exciting development and present a future with earlier diagnosis, less traumatic surgical interventions and swifter recovery. These are extremely attractive propositions. Devices or substances that may assist in the quest for better health are gaining ground. This means the quest for the right leaders to spearhead these profound DX developments has never been stronger or more competitive. Through continuous client interaction and research, ALPHOM Executive Search has developed an acute understanding of what diagnostic companies actually need. These requirements can range from CLIA compliance, regulatory pathways, reimbursement issues and of course patient stratification.

With DX being such a competitive marketplace, we work very hard to uncover highly qualified prospects. It goes without saying that we respect the confidentiality of both our clients and the candidates we work with. Our key attributes are professionalism and respect. We keep up to date with research and understand the requirement in DX recruitment. Therefore, do please give us a call to discover how we might partner with you to find exemplary talent for your business.

We also offer Pharmaceutical recruitment. This is an inspirational and truly exciting niche and one in which we excel. The global market in pharmaceuticals may well exceed $1 trillion within two years and is currently running at 6% minimum growth. Therefore, the demand and competition for highly specialised and qualified staff will only increase. ALPHOM Executive Search has worked hard to understand and diagnose the exact right fit for companies with respect to Pharma.

With this in mind we would be delighted to help and offer support, regardless of scope or objective, to source the exact fit candidate that is aligned with your business ambition. As a partnership we can be pivotal in assisting your future and ongoing success.