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Executive search & Selection

Our Executive Search process is characterized by our direct approach with potential candidates, and our rigorous, analytical and qualitative research methodology.

We use global web tracking with defined algorithms to access the best profiles in a determined geographical area (locally and internationally, based on our client’s requirements). This allows us to find candidates who are often not visible or inclined to not respond to job offers. Our direct approach also guarantees discretion, which is always appreciated in today’s competitive environment.

At ALPHOM Executive Search, we offer a tailor-made candidate-sourcing service that targets required skills and desired sectors, while respecting the values, ambitions and corporate culture of our clients. The selection process is rigorous and includes several levels of validation, skill evaluations, analysis of references, and personality assessments. This customized approach makes it possible to find existing experts or candidates who can challenge our client’s market.

Our analysis may even identify new opportunities that weren’t initially considered based on the evolution of the competitive environment or the state of the current market. With our expertise in candidate search, we can offer disruptive or creative recruitment solutions when prudent, or suggest certain search modifications when necessary. We evaluate the following criteria:

Technical and non-technical skills required, confirmed by experience and peers

Organizational and cultural integration in the company

Compatibility of the candidate's professional goals and the company’s vision

Evolution of the position in relation to challenges in the market

Our approach fosters open dialogue, understanding, and a privileged three-way relationship between our team, our clients and the potential candidates that results in constructive and meaningful collaboration. We at ALPHOM Executive Search see ourselves as a meeting point for the aspirations of our clients and candidates, hence our slogan: WHERE AMBITIONS MEET®.

Ensuring a successful recruitment process means anticipating its impact by identifying the opportunities and challenges created by the new recruit



Defining the


Indexing the
targeted profiles

Market feedback


Comparing selected profiles

Personalized candidate reports
(interviews, assessments
and confirmation of references)


Regular check-ins

Integration and satisfaction assessment 8 to 12 months after hiring

The entire recruitment process requires:

6 to 8 weeks for senior executive positions

4 to 6 weeks for specialist management positions

Strategic consulting

The road to success is always under construction


Drawing on our background in international business consultancy, ALPHOM Executive Search offers support and guidance in Human Resources strategy:

› Are you planning to create a new unit or restructure an existing department?
› Do you want to thoughtfully anticipate the creation of a new role or position?
› Are you planning a merger?
› Are you considering a successor to lead your company?
› Do you want to map key skills before expanding into a new market?
› Are you considering bringing on a new board member?

We’ll support you in any or all of these processes with a customized internal or external analysis of your organisation based on your questions and goals. Our objective is to help you establish a new balance of competencies adapted to your company’s dynamic that gives you the answers to the following questions:

› Do you need to redefine, regroup or reinforce current skills?
› Should you revise the company’s hierarchy?
› Do you need to identify internal or external candidates?
› Are there positions or salaries in your organization that market mapping can help adjust?
› Are there strategic turning points in the market to anticipate?

Not all problems can be solved with external recruitment which is why ALPHOM Executive Search favours a holistic approach based on partnership, close collaboration and transparency. We can evaluate your organisation through structured interviews to highlight key skills and identify the people capable of leading the company in a new direction. Our studies and customized mapping (skills, personality, profession, salary, market trends, etc.) take into account your current organization and your aspirations for the future.


Personality assessments

Beyond the required technical skills and overall potential, a candidate’s interpersonal skills and compatibility with the values of your company make all the difference.

For each profile we give you, we evaluate the candidate’s suitability across 4 strategic areas:

Individual skills based on experience and professional references

Our direct approach makes it possible to only contact candidates with the proven skills needed for the position. Candidate self-assessment and the endorsement of skills by their peers are essential parts of our selection process.

Personality type, gaged via personality assessments

Our personality tests provide tangible leads for analysing a candidate’s behaviour at work and reactions to different scenarios. All personality tests are based on a candidate’s feedback.

Compatibility with your corporate culture and vision for the future

Understanding the client is essential to understanding the challenges of the position, the company and its market. Grasping the internal dynamics of an organization makes it possible to locate gaps and potential plans of action.

Motivation, satisfaction and integration after a year at your company

In the year following the hire, we evaluate non-technical skills and motivation in relation to the requirements of the position and the reality on the ground. This makes it possible to link the contribution of the person hired to the concrete professional context in which they operate, and to create an assessment of the opportunities and challenges created within company. An assessment of job satisfaction is also integrated into this analysis.

When conducting an assessment to validate an external application or an internal appointment, we conduct a complete personality inventory. This aims to highlight the candidate’s key skills, motivations, interests, priorities and work behaviours. We can also set up targeted personality tests to detail business or managerial skills, as well as individual or collective assessments tailored to your needs.

A person’s suitability for a position requires an overall assessment of their professional goals, their desires and ambitions